Rubber Items Products

  • Rubber VibrationIsolators

    With 20 years’ accumulation in techniques and expansion in production scale, we have achieved an annual production capacity of 2million units in Rubber Vibration Isolators. We are dedicated to produce customized products, providing the best solution for our clients. 

    Our rubber vibration isolator is composed of natural rubber and chloroprene rubber, and is closely attached to metal, generating the best performance in vibration damping and elastic stiffness. Our products meet national and industry standards, and can be applied in vehicles, trains, engineering machineries, bridge construction and etc.

  • Bellows Hoses Series

    Bellows Hoses is composed of natural rubber, chloroprene rubber,ethylene propylene terpolymer(EPT) and PVC composites, resulting in excellent performance in high/low temperature stability, anti-aging, Ozone-resistance, vibration damping and etc.

  • Rubber Dust-proof Cover

    Rubber Dust-proof Covers are a
    Distinguishing Feature: Continuously outstanding in sealability and thermostablity under a wide temperature range.

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